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Our ultimate guide to

Top 5 SaaS KPIs

that investors care about

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Top 5 KPIs for B2B SaaS that investors care about

  • What do they tell you about your business

  • How to calculate them

  • Typical pitfalls to watch out for when using these KPIs

  • Industry benchmarks to baseline your company’s performance on these KPIs

On a mission to empower founders

Truealpha is a group of lifelong technologists, designers, entrepreneurs and data-lovers who are passionate about putting the power of business intelligence in the hands of every founder and every startup!

Our modern KPIs platform is the easiest & fastest way for high-growth startups to go from messy spreadsheets to slick dashboards in minutes. Without any engineering.

Alicia Vivanco, Fitness Pass

"Truealpha makes me look in control of my business. It simplifies my work as a CEO and makes it so much easier to show my potential investors and current advisors the way my company is growing."



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Our ultimate guide to top 5 SaaS KPIs investors care about is here!

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