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Keep a pulse on your investments without the adminstrative burden.

A one-stop solution for investors who value  engagement and accountability.

Software for investors

Give your portfolio founders the tools for success.

Truealpha for Investors is a unique collaboration tool to track your investments and engage with your portfolio teams - all in one place.


It's meticulously designed to be founder-friendly and enables teams to seamlessly share key information while fostering execution discipline, effective communication and alignment between both parties.

On the Desk

Clear and coherent data.

It's easy to miss critical insights that are buried in long emails or rows of excel.


With our founder-first tools, enable your portfolio teams to share information that's easy to follow and quick for you to action.

No more foraging

Losing key updates and investment documents in your inbox is frustrating. Asking founders to resend information is not fun either.

Now you can have all the important information in one place at your fingertips via your own secure account. 

Copying Down
Become a value-add investor

Become a value-add investor

When you have clarity on what your portfolio founders need, you have the ability to help them and help grow your investments.


Our meticulously designed communication tools for founders and investors will set you up to do just that - without the hassle and the overhead.

Invite your portfolio companies to communicate via Truealpha and supercharge your investments.

Ready to let Truealpha supercharge your portfolio?

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