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Build your KPIs dashboard
in minutes. Without any engineering.

Truealpha’s out-of-the-box modern KPIs platform is the easiest way for high-growth startups to go from messy spreadsheets to slick dashboards.

Built for modern startups

Put insights into everyone’s hands and build a data-centric startup without distracting your engineering team and with no grunt work.

With our out-of-the-box automation, you can go from siloed, manually stitched-together spreadsheets to an automated, single source of truth in minutes.

Alicia Vivanco, Fitness Pass

"Truealpha makes me look in control of my business. It simplifies my work as a CEO and makes it so much easier to show my potential investors and current advisors the way my company is growing."



Actionable insights without
the headache

Connect your data sources and let our metrics engine do the hard work.


Ditch messy spreadsheets and PDFs for easy to understand and beautifully designed dashboards.

Actionable Insights.png
No engineering resources required.png

Keep your engineers working on your product.

Taking your developers off the roadmap to build out a custom metrics dashboard that decays is a waste of time.


Instead, get a customisable, ready-in-minutes, comprehensive metrics dashboards that anyone can use. No engineering resource needed.

Level up your team

Incorrect and unreliable metrics lead to false signals, poor decisions and increased risks.

Skip the trial and error with our best practice calculations,  focus on the insights and reap the results.

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Streamline Investor Communications.png

Streamline investor communications

Whether its your quarterly updates, Board decks or due diligence materials, manage your investor communications with just a few clicks.


Need to share different information with different groups of investors? We've got you.

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Top 5 SaaS KPIs investors care about

Get our ultimate guide to top 5 SaaS KPIs to learn:

  • Top 5 KPIs for B2B SaaS that investors care about

  • What do they tell you about your business

  • How to calculate them

  • Typical pitfalls to watch out for when using these KPIs

  • Industry benchmarks to baseline your company’s performance on these KPIs

Ready to let Truealpha supercharge
your startup's growth plans?

Startup KPIs | Startup metrics | KPIs and metrics | Investor communications | Startup founders |
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