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Get buttoned up to manage investors with confidence and ease.

Manage investors for founders and startups

What is Truealpha?

Truealpha is a fast and simple platform for frictionless stakeholder management. 


With an automated metrics dashboard, a powerful editor for investor letters, best practices guides and a repository for documents, it has all the tools, features and know-how necessary for founders to stay on top of their investor relationships.

Cyndi Willians, CEO and Founder of Quin

"Truealpha has really raised my game in stakeholder communications. We’ve gone from casual newsletters to formal professional updates with clear KPI reporting and relevant commentary, and we finally have one unified stakeholder directory."



Turn your numbers into a beautiful dashboard

Numbers without the right presentation are confusing. They hide insights and lead to communication gaps.

Now, you can turn your numbers into insights that are easy to understand with our purpose-built dashboard. Great as a central store of metrics for teams and for sharing with your Board and investors in a few clicks.

Leave messy macros and crashing spreadsheets behind and delight your investors.

Visual dashboard.png
Engagement stats.png

Write so it gets read

Crafting an effective investor letter is more than writing a long email. But you don't have to reinvent the wheel.


We did extensive research to bring you the gold standard of investor letters. Use these best practices as they come or quickly tailor them to suit your business.  Either way, you can be sure to impress.

bcc emails are a thing
of the past

Send customised, relevant information to different audiences - angels, VCs or prospective investors without the fear of breaching confidentiality or exposing email addresses.

Set yourself reminders, track engagement and never miss a beat when it comes to staying on top of your investor relationships.

Stakeholder groups.png
Managing your investors

Superior investor experience

Your investors are vested in your success. Leveraging them as your ambassadors is a smart way to grow your brand and social capital.  


Stay on top of their mind through regular communication and via a superior experience that makes it easy for them to engage and add value.

Automated financial housekeeping - coming soon!

Capital is like oxygen for a growing business. Don't run out of it unawares.

Stay up to date with your company’s cash position and manage your runway like a pro with our automated financial housekeeping.  Sign up today to be the first to know when we launch.

automated housekeeping.png

Ready to let Truealpha supercharge your investor relationships?

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