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On a mission to empower founders

Truealpha is a group of lifelong technologists, designers, entrepreneurs and data-lovers who are passionate about putting the power of actionable insights in the hands of every founder and every startup!


Stakeholder management platform for startups

What's in a KPI, you ask?


There is a persistent problem in the startup ecosystem in that a majority of founders struggle with KPIs while on the other side investors require trustworthy data to make investment decisions & support their portfolio. There is no single source of truth & both parties are left wanting.


There are 2 root causes: 

  1. Lack of industry standards & no playbook. Every startup reinvents the wheel; this impacts first-time founders more so who go through a painful trial-and-error phase.

  2. Automation requires substantive capital and specialist resources. DIY solutions are piecemeal, need ongoing investment, yet do not meet full set of business requirements.


We have solved this by building a fit-for-purpose platform from the ground up. It provides a comprehensive catalog of KPIs (based on business model e.g. B2B, marketplace) that are automated using industry standards. Founders effortlessly plug their data sources, get instant insights and can share business performance metrics with relevant stakeholders.

How is Truealpha different?

We are the first of its kind, founder-focused solution in all of Europe to bring together automation of management KPIs with investor reporting to enable the full value-chain of establishing, generating, tracking and communicating business performance in one place. 


Our solution gives startups the right foundation from Day-1, provides investors with numbers they can trust and elevates the maturity level of the ecosystem.


We are on a mission to empower every founder to build a data-centric culture and have the best possible shot at success with actionable insights.  If it sounds like something you and your startup will benefit from,  apply to join our Beta or simply drop us a note at contact@truealpha. io.

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Meet The Team


Andrei Rafai

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Founding Engineer


Priyanka Lilaramani

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CEO & Founder


Anubhav Sarker

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Growth & Content


Ilinca Georgescu

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Product Designer 

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Vladislav Dunaev

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Miroslav Mrózek

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