On a mission to empower founders

Truealpha is powered by a group of lifelong technologists and entrepreneurs who are passionate about building tools that will give every founder the best chance of success, starting with stakeholder management. 


Stakeholder management platform for startups

Why stakeholder management?


We believe that strong and effective investor relationships are critical to a startup’s success. However, like any relationship, they require thought and effort to strengthen. 


Equally, a dynamic two-way engagement between startups and investors is way better than one-sided reporting that takes place usually. And that’s why our platform is just as much for founders to drive communication, as it is for investors to engage with their portfolio.

If you are a founder or an investor with a feature request, feedback or just an idea about how to supercharge founder-investor communications, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a note at contact@truealpha.io.