A better way to manage
company performance

Truealpha powers frictionless metrics, automated KPIs and
enables seamless communication between startups and investors.

Why Truealpha?

Too often, great ideas don't turn into successful businesses and clever strategies don't deliver results. Why? Because fuzzy goals, ill-defined performance indicators, misunderstood priorities and a lack of alignment between startups and investors jeopardise the path to success.

Truealpha powers startups to collect relevant performance data, synthesize it into meaningful metrics and seamlessly share it with investors. It enables investors to reach alignment with their portfolio, drive growth and unlock economic returns through a data-centric approach.


  • Be in control of your company's trajectory with metrics and KPIs that are relevant to your stage and sector
  • Engage investors, make specific asks, drive aligntment with consistent updates
  • Stress-free toolkit to manage multiple investors, track important dates with the click of a few buttons
  • Best practice templates, guidance and resources to support you along the journey


  • Automate portfolio management to free up time and mindshare to focus on driving growth and returns
  • Supercharge your founders with a data-driven toolkit and enable them to make the right decisions
  • Send the right signals to your LPs with robust governance and timely reporting
  • Single source of truth across your deal team and your portfolio for company performance data

All you need in one place

Financial metrics and KPIs

Every startup is different and every investor requires a slightly different cut of the data. With our flexible solution, each party can define, curate and analyse the financial metrics and KPIs that are most relevant to them.

Key documents

Whether it is term sheets, shareholder agreements or management accounts - have them all readily available in one place. Reduce friction across your team and increase the speed of innovation in your business.

Powerful dashboards

A 360° view of the business with analytics, trendlines and drilldown capabilities that give you the big picture, provide early signals for smarter decision making and enable you to zoom into the details when necessary.

Our mission

At Truealpha, we believe that a data and insights led approach can significantly increase the odds of success for businesses and investors. We also believe that transparency and alignment between investors and their portfolio is vital to unlocking growth and returns.

Guided by this belief, we are on a mission to build a best-in-class digital hub that powers fluid and frictionless engagement between startups and investors, minimises bias in the value creation process and enables smarter business decisions.

Truealpha is our commitment to building a better, more accessible, less opaque innovation ecosystem.