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B2B Startups:

Automate your KPIs and
manage investor reporting
in one place

Seed to Series-B startups use our platform to effortlessly automate financial & operational KPIs and seamlessly manage investor reporting.

No credit card required

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Trusted by modern startups


It’s time to ditch your spreadsheet dashboards

Getting a handle on your KPIs is critical for driving growth and reporting to investors without the fear of misrepresenting numbers.

But what you have is a set of spreadsheets, manually stitched together with a dashboard. It's tedious to maintain, terribly hard to trust and a big time-suck for your team. 

There is a better Truealpha.

What we do

KPI Catalogs

Explore & select from 100+ financial, SaaS, sales KPIs, automated out of the box.

We’ve done the hard work
so you don’t have to.

Data Aggregation

Effortlessly connect and blend data from multiple sources for live KPIs.

You can even consolidate multiple business entities and currencies.

Investor Reporting

Create beautiful dashboards, Board packs, investor letters with a few clicks.

Managing different groups of investors has never been easier.


Skip the guesswork and save hours & hours 

‘I don’t know which KPIs to track’, ‘What’s the right way to calculate LTV’ , 'Is ACL the same as ACV?' —  if you’ve ever felt like this, you are not alone.  KPIs are overwhelming. 


That’s why we built a comprehensive catalog to be your trusted guide.


Level up your knowledge and pick the right indicators for your startup without wasting any time.

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Stay on top of things with live insights

Replace your static reports with stunningly beautiful charts and graphs that update in real time. 

So you can go from reacting to business events to being in control of your trajectory.


Manage all your investors like a boss

Keeping investors on your side with regular communication is critical.  But filling out multiple templates and creating separate reports for angels, lead investors, Board, minority investors is one way to fry your brain. 


With Truealpha, you can streamline creating & distributing updates, from a central investor hub.


Giving each of your investors exactly what is relevant is now as simple as hitting “send”.

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Say goodbye to spreadsheet errors (and the stress of it)

It is painful to manually reconcile data and hard not to second-guess the results. A single broken formula or  cell reference can mess up your numbers. 

We integrate with several data sources and automate 100+ KPIs out of the box.


So you can forget about the grunt work and focus on what matters.

The ultimate guidebook:  Top 5 SaaS KPIs investors care about

What you will learn in this guidebook:

  • Top 5 KPIs for B2B SaaS that investors care about

  • What do they tell you about your business

  • How to calculate them

  • Typical pitfalls to watch out for when using these KPIs

  • Industry benchmarks to baseline your company’s performance on these KPIs

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